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Learn And Explore Academy has a single vision – providing a personal journey of knowledge and experiences for every learner.

Creating connections that blur the boundaries between subjects in a way that makes learning relevant and prepares our explorers for success in the 21st-century world.

Engagement is the preeminent factor in academic success. Teaching the right foundational skills must be coupled with student curiosity about new material and an unwavering focus on what they are learning. Students are more motivated to learn when they need to acquire knowledge to accomplish something they care about and when the material relates to their own lives. Learn And Explore Academy creates this kind of motivation by linking rigorous academic content to students’ personal lives and the community issues they care about. 


Learn And Explore

Director’s Message

As a father of three school-age daughters, I have journeyed, and continue to journey, the path of a parent seeking a high-quality education for his children. Having experienced what our public schools have to offer – first as a student, then as a teacher, and most recently as an Executive Director of a Charter School – I began to formulate a vision for a school that I would want my own children to attend.

This includes a curriculum that is rigorous, yet captivates the imagination, teachers that truly care about their students and love the craft of teaching, educational tools that are contemporary, small class sizes, and a setting that is modern and built with the students’ needs in mind. And so, after much planning and effort, that vision has become a reality with Learn And Explore Academy!

I firmly believe that this vision is not exclusive to just myself, but is rather a shared desire that all parents have for their children. Therefore, our goal is to provided families with a high-quality educational option right here in the heart of South Brooklyn. The time has arrived when our community can coalesce around an institution that shares the very same values, beliefs, and high expectations of that community.

We understand that our children are our single most important priority. That’s why we will stop at nothing to provide them with the resources, support, care, and wherewithal that places them on a path of least resistance towards success and happiness.

Learn And Explore Academy is where a vision for quality education becomes reality. Our school will provide your child with the academic foundation, the character, and the experiences that will create in them a life-long love of learning, a curiosity about the world, and a desire to make a measurable impact on our society.

So, while my girls have already passed the elementary school stage, my desire, and that of the entire Learn And Explore Academy team, is to actualize the vision that each parent has for their child – a nurturing learning environment that develops knowledgeable, compassionate, empowered, socially and emotionally intelligent 21st century citizens.

September 2020 is the time that your child becomes an Explorer and begins their personal journey of knowledge and lasting experiences!

Educationally Yours,
Alex Marchuk
Executive Director
Learn And Explore Academy